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Christian Membership

$19.95 on the 1st of each month

Receive a Faithband (valued at $24.95) each month and celebrate your devotion to God. Each band is inscribed with the quote on the front plate and the verse chapter and number on the back. Be inspired and reminded of your connection to Christianity.

Make It Extra Special

Gift Box

The Faithband

Faithbands are simple in design, black reinforced braided, mirroring the humble way Christ lived his life. They are black, gender neutral and

One Size Fits All

Through the use of our pull chords, Faithband can be resized and adjusted to any wrist size.


Memberships and payments start on the 1st of the month and bands are shipped after payment has been made. That means when you purchase your membership, we will charge you $0.00 and then only charged at the start of the month. You can cancel anytime.


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